Page 13 - Spring 2018
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By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan
Adrian Klane (“ACAIN”) is rapidly gaining stardom from a video he recorded with his son while doing a cover of Major’s song, “This Is Why I Love You!” Not only is the video cute, it is full of pure love between a father and son. Never realizing something so innocent could go viral, he is proud to announce his video has over 1 million views. ACAIN stated that this is his son’s favorite song and most nights this is the song his son wants to hear before going to sleep.
ACAIN is an upcoming artist out of Jamaica, West Indies. Not only does he sing, he also writes his own songs as well. Wanting to be known as more than just a reggae artist, ACAIN spans his music covers of Reggae and R&B tunes. Young and driven, ACAIN works hard on perfecting his craft. In his spare time, he loves to be around his son, family and friends.
Born in Jamaica, West Indies, ACAIN, at a young age, used to sing around the house and for small audiences at church and school. Wanting to share his gift with others, he decided to start uploading his videos to YouTube and it was his best decision ever.
ACAIN spreads love through his music and songs.

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