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  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, “If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody.”
HMM: What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?
JB (ACAIN): I grew up in Jamaica where, as a child, life was carefree. I played different games with my friends...from Soccer to Cricket and even racing (track events). Almost every child in Jamaica is involved in racing in one way or another. If I was going to the store, I would always say to my sister or friends, “race me to the shop.” If that distance were too far we would choose a nearer target. When we got there, we would walk for a while to recover from our exhaustion. As soon as we felt strong again, we would set ourselves another target and race to it. We would try to motivate each other to run fast and win by saying things like “the last person to get to the target is Humpty Dumpty” and/or other names that no one would want to be called. It was fun!
In terms of my family, I grew up with my mother, stepfather and two sisters. Our house was filled with lots of love and happiness. We felt safe and wanted. It was a very happy time in my life.
My mother has always been my strength. She made sure her kids were ok, as we were number one to her. I am the eldest of the children, but I didn't have my biological dad around. My sisters had their dad at home and it bothered me that I did not have mine to turn to. As I got to different stages in my personal development, I needed the characteristics of those phases of my

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