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 life explained to me from a father’s perspective. Sometimes I would feel lost and left out. However, my mom, with the help of my stepfather, never failed in pulling me back up from those thoughts and debilitating emotional episodes. My stepfather taught me so much. With that being said, “Mom, I love you and thank you Garfield Folkes. You both are my heroes!
HMM: How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?
JB (ACAIN): I was about 9 or 10 years old and very shy, so I was not ready to sing publicly. In the interim, I used my stepfather’s boombox and put on live shows for my younger sisters. We would sing and dance for hours without feeling tired or getting bored. Strangely enough, I would only do that for them, because I was just not brave enough to expose that side of me to anyone else. However, when I was around 15 years old, my confidence showed remarkable improvement. I started signing in church and at small events in my hometown and at school. As more people saw my talents, they started telling me that I had a very good singing voice. Those comments also boosted my belief in myself and my ability to sing.
From that point onward I started dreaming of becoming a singer, and music eventually began taking on new meaning and significance to me. Right now, I love music! It gives me a wonderful feeling. It takes me to places deep within my soul. Subsequently, I experimented with writing lyrics. I love to write songs, because they help me to let the pain out that life sometimes caused me.
“Achievement is living fully in a way that is meaningful to you and in line with the values you feel most deeply.”
HMM: Being so young, how do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and scrupulous industry?
JB (ACAIN): My mother and stepfather inculcated strong values in me. They taught me to love, to be kind, to share and to be conscientious. These moral principles have stayed with me and have now become the unwritten rules that guide the way I live my life, form relationships and make decisions.
Owing to these moral codes, I endeavor always to just be myself and never try to copy someone others. It is great knowing that I always strive to be true to myself. I am not saying outside influences do not impact the person I am today. But, I always filter them through the moral fabric of my being before allowing them to positively affect my character.
So, being taught how to love and share, I am in a great position now to appreciate my fans and embrace the outpouring of love they have been sending me. I seize every chance I get to thank them and return the appreciation and affection. They make me yearn to sing for them even more. Therefore, I shall keep pushing to reach my dreams of singing and entertaining people all over the world.
HMM: Who are some of your musical influences?
JB (ACAIN): I am an old soul that grew up on a diet of Gospel, Soul, Reggae and RnB. So, it should come as no surprise that artistes like the late Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder (and the whole Motown family), Bob Marley and Mariah Carey among others are my heroes.
I was particularly moved by their ability to affect me emotionally. It was like an enigma the way they were able to use just the voice to set off different emotional sparks within me. After I started toying with singing, I became determined to learn those techniques and use them to connect with different audiences. It was just humbling to see how much I have grown as a singer, even to the extent that I could replicate some of those techniques in my own online posts. As a matter of fact, it was one of those posts in which I was expressing

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