Page 16 - WINTER 2018
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There are a number of ways to market fiction effectively. Here are some of the top ways to sell well:
1. A Great Cover
People really DO judge a book by its cover, so make sure yours is as good as anything you would see on a store shelf. Hire a freelancer at to turn your vision of your cover into a work of art.
2. A Great Blurb and Teaser Copy
The "blurb" is what goes on the back of the book. The teaser copy can be on the back as well, or on the first page inside the book (you can put the blurb there too). These pieces of content are both designed to encourage the browser to read more.
3. A Great Author Website and Webpage
Be proud of your work and showcase it on your site. Also make it a place where you are accessible, and interact with people through comments, questions and so on.
4. See Yourself as a Brand
Brands like Coke, Nike and McDonald’s all have a unified marketing plan, in which every ad or other material build on the brand’s image and reputation. In a similar way, see your author name (or pen name) as a brand you wish to present in a certain way, and don’t want to damage or dilute.
If you want to write a different genre, create a different pen name and website or blog for it. For example, writer Nora Roberts is a brand synonymous with romance, and J. D. Robb, her second pen name, is synonymous with mystery and suspense.

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