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 appreciation and love by singing with my son, Kylan, that went viral and made this interview possible.
I so happy that I can do something that I love and attract unreserved appreciation even from people that I have never met. Sometimes I get so emotional about it that I well up in the eyes and a few tears escape down my face. Finding your life’s purpose is a great blessing from God.
HMM: What advice would you offer others with the DREAM?
JB (ACAIN): Opportunities are out there in the world. I even think there is enough for everyone to be able to live their life’s purpose. But, the challenge is to keep on pushing. We have to think out of the box and sometimes do unconventional things, because no one knows what is going to work. Take myself as an example. I recorded Major’s song, “This is Why I Love You” with Kylan, simply as a hobby. I posted it on social media and it went viral with over a million hits and shares. When I was uploading it I did not imagine it would become such a hit all over the world.
My message to anyone and everyone is to “follow your dreams and never give up!” If what you choose to do is something you love, and are really hungry for, just go ahead and do it! Never accept “no” for an answer. Keep going, again and again, until you hear a great big YES.
You just never know when it will be your time to shine. Right now, I endeavor to follow my dreams and see where they lead. I found my calling and singing is what I want to do.
“Achievement is expressing the unique purpose that is at the center of your being.”
JB (ACAIN): I am envisioning a lot more. The plan is to try and attract the right people that can make the vision a reality, in terms of a record deal, making new music (recording my own materials), stepping out and performing on live shows. I just want the chance to share my love with the world.
Thanks again to you and your team, Cecile and everyone that liked and shared my videos. I love you all. You are certainly helping to open doors. More great blessings to you all!
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