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5. Give Interviews
People always wonder what it is like to be a writer. Give interviews and post them at your site.
6. Attend Publishing Conferences and Writing Groups in Your Genre and Geographical Area People do business with people they like. Attending live events and networking with publishing professionals, other authors, and aspiring authors, can lead to all sorts of promotional opportunities. It also makes you more visible and shows you are someone who cares about your craft.
7. Be Charitable
Giving things away may seem an odd way to make money, but "giving back" to new writers or donating your profits to a worthy cause can create a lot of goodwill and show you are a good person, not just a "greedy author".
8. Join Writer-Related Organizations
Romance Writers of America, The Author’s Guild and so on can all help raise your profile.
9. Leverage Social Media
Have a social media account for your writing at all of the top social sites, such as:
* Facebook * Twitter * LinkedIn * Pinterest * Tumblr * YouTube * Instagram
Keep fans up to date on all your news.
9. Create a Facebook Contest
Contests are a great way to grab attention.
11. Get Book Reviews
As soon as your book is done, start gathering reviews for it. They can really make a difference when it comes to sales.
12. Organize Book Signings
If you have a paper book, organize book signings at bookstores, your local libraries and so on.
Follow these marketing tips and see your sales increase!
12 Ways to Market Your Written Work

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