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The pursuit of happiness is real. It is a natural desire for the human being to be happy and/or at peace with oneself. Unfortunately,duetocertaineventsandcircumstances,somemaystrugglewiththatjourney. A portion of that stems from a void within and/or an incident that may have happened that is blocking them from being happy and/or wanting to see others happy.
In today’s day and time when we should be working together, too many are working against each other. Coworkers and Managers putting their personal feelings in the shoes of business. Friends meddling in relationshipsofothersinsteadoffiguringoutwhereismyrelationship. Familiesshowinghate,insteadof bestowing love. People need to understand there is enough room for us all to grow, win and be happy.
Asforme,myheartandspiritissobig,mydailystriveishappiness. Throughlifelessons,Ilearnedto strengthen my inner core and trained myself to turn off and ignore what or who means me no good. It was not easy and I am still a work in progress, but I figure through my own work, I can help others on their journey as well.
Not every day do I wake up with joy in my heart and a pep in my step, but once I give God the glory for wakingme(whichisimportantnowadays),IknowthatGodisworkingitoutinmyfavor. Ilostcounthow many times the devil got frustrated with my drive to win and stay woke. I repeat constantly “you can’t steal my joy, because you did not give it to me!”
In Pursuit
Anyone who knows me, knows I wear various hats and I am always willing to learn. I challenge myself for better daily. They know that I have an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on and a soul of compassion that it only made sense that in my journey of my pursuit of happiness that I followed the path God laid before me as a Life Coach.
Sometimes we tend to seek happiness according to assumptions and beliefs? We tend to believe or
assume that others will make us
happy, material items will make
us happy and/or just a little bit
more money will make us happy.
Truth is nothing or no one will
make us happy, until we are
happy with ourselves. Most of
what we have embedded in our mind about what makes us happy and unhappy comes from other people or marketing agencies, TV shows, society, etc. and doesn’t address our individual inspirations.
Why I Decided to Become a Life Coach
To create, and live in authentic happiness, you will need to learn not to be ~
judgmentalortoblindlychasethefalsebeliefsinthemind. Themind and the heart will tell you one thing, but the spirit will never steer you wrong. You will have to pay attention to the end goal of emotion and not jump after the first idea the mind offers. If your heart says no, push your mind to say yes. YES YOU CAN!!
By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan
of Happiness

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