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 Here Are My Top 10 Reasons For Becoming a Life Coach
1) I want to be happy and I want to see others happy too.
2) God puts me in position to help others and so I humbly oblige.
3) As I learn through others, I get to learn too. 4) They always say do something you love to do, so listening and offering advice without being judgmental is something I am good at doing
5) As I help others transform their life for the better, I too obtain personal freedom.
6) Never one to reject a challenge and strive to continue to raise the bar for myself.
7) Coaching helps me build talent, experience, knowledge, character, energy, spirit and love. 8) Each one teach one and I am hoping to eventually help people around the world.
9) You grow through what you go through, especially when they are a mirror for you. 10) I simply just enjoy helping others.
If you are considering speaking to a Life Coach or as I like to call it the “Therapist Alternative”, make sure to do it with an open mind and heart. Also, always remember there is STRENGTH in STRUGGLE. God will never bring you to something without bringing you through it. There is peace and happiness at the end of the rainbow.

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