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Everything is energy, including us. We're constantly vibrating something. What we center attention on decides how we're vibrating. By centering attention on the
heart of who we are, our entire being starts to vibrate more expansively. Then, as like draws in like, we draw to ourselves any and all things that
are in sync with this grand heart energy. We get an increase in love, light, joyfulness, well-being, creativeness, enthusiasm, prosperity, gratitude, and an ever- deepening, awe-filled consciousness of who we
This is an abiding principle within universal laws. It's the simple fact that there's a limitless Source of everything we require or could ever wish for. This grand abundance is already ours, endlessly available to all of us day in
and day out.
If we line up with The Law of Abundance then we move in unity with it. In that unity the sole thing that restricts you - beliefs in deficiency and limitation - dissolve.
“Happiness is your nature. It isn't wrong to want it. What is wrong is seeking it outside if it's inside.” 
Sri Ramana Maharshi
We draw in a reflection of what’s going on within us into our life story. So if you are feeling pitiful, mad or restricted because of your weight, wellness, job, or past relationships, then you'll draw in somebody into your life who's likewise sad or mad.
If you had an issue with one of your parents, you'll likewise draw in an individual with the same issue into your life story so you are able to continue to heal that relationship.
Let’s say, for instance, that your father abandoned you. This means that you might draw in a partner who's afraid of commitment. If your mom was mad and always yelling, you could draw in a mate with an atrocious temper.
So before you center on attracting new love into your life, it’s
crucial to do a little good work on yourself first. Once you’ve achieved these tasks, you’re ready to draw in the right love into your life!

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