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Step #6 – Bring Your Yarn Back – Bring your yarn back on the hook from back to front and slide your knot in the center of the loops which you have already created on the crochet hook.
Step #7 – Making Rows – From your second yarn loop, create another single chain stitch and make a counter- clockwise loop. Start again and create the same loops as the previous stitches.
Step #8 – Crochet Until Done – Continue this basic crochet technique until you have a swatch of fabric.
Step #8 – Cut your Project Off – Once you have completed a swatch of fabric, it is time to remove it from your ball of yarn. Cut it with about a 6” tail left at the end.
Step #9 – Fasten Your Project so it won’t Unravel - Bring your tail of yarn back through the last stitch to fasten it.
Step #10 – Cut the Excess – At this point you are finished and can cut off the excess tail of yarn.
Using these simple ten steps you can learn to successfully complete a basic crochet fabric. Like any new skill, crochet takes time. You will want to practice a lot at first and see what techniques and hand holds are the most comfortable for you.
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