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Dahsar by Rashad, LLC was established in 2007 by self-taught fashion designer Rashad Calhoun. The 2007 Chester High School graduate has been able to express himself freely through his designs. Dahsar caters to men and women of various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, which includes prominent socialites and reality stars.
Mr. Calhoun, a native of Chester, Pennsylvania (just 19 miles south of Philadelphia) started designing clothes when he was 13-years old. Uncertain, that he could have a career in fashion, Mr. Calhoun continued to express himself by expanding his brand, which has led to his designs being featured in vibe, 10 and Amina magazines.
Mr. Calhoun gained national recognition in the fashion world when he was invited to New York’s Fashion Week to showcase his trending fashions: “The Black Collection.” In September 2014, Mr. Calhoun accepted multiple invites to Paris’ Fashion Week to display his clothing line. In Paris, Mr. Calhoun was requested by a renown boutique to display featured designs from his collections. Mr. Calhoun was also invited to showcase some pieces from his Dahsar by Rashad collection in New York during the NBA All-Star weekend in February 2015.

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