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 My Thoughts On The 65 Show Rule | By: Mariel Ferry
I have been in love with Disney ever since I was a little girl. There is always something for people of all ages. Even though I am not part of the target demographic, I still watch and keep up with the Disney Channel shows and stars then and now. However, even though Disney comes up with some very creative content, there is one personal bone I want to pick with Disney.
Disney Channel comes up with some very creative content, but their 65 episodes rule needs to go! What are the 65 episodes rule you might wonder? It is a controversial rule in
seasons. This started in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. This is why Disney goes through TV shows like women go through shoes. I and a bunch of other Disney fans don’t particularly like this because doing this creates a bunch of problems.
For example, Disney could be in the middle of a season of Liv and Maddie, start a really good season plot, reach the climax of a plot between the characters, and quickly tie a little bow on a resolution because that is episode 64 and 65 and they can’t exceed that. This makes viewers so mad because they were so invested in what was going to happen and Disney didn’t follow through. This leaves Disney wondering why they always lose their viewers.

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