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 The gaming industry has progressed rapidly during the last two decades. We are seeing innovations that were thought to be impossible in the days gone by. All the innovations that have come across have, in a way, signaled
the greatness that can be achieved.
With so many opportunities to grasp, the advent of eSports has meant that there is a new avenue to explore. The eSports have not only made the makers benefit from this innovation, but the players have also enjoyed a lot of winnings. The main motive of video games at the end of the day is to make the end-user or the player feel happy and important. Many of the eSports that have achieved success have reached out to the content of the players. The players are the center of attraction; thus, it is imperative that their needs be placed before anything
The fact that the gamer has been made to feel like the one in control has initiated a lot of winnings. Many eSports competitions across the world reward participants with a luxurious sum which is bound to make you regret not starting professional gaming. While there are many eSports that have made a mark, a few have created an image for themselves. Players and fans alike look toward the top eSports with great
respect and pride.
A number of women are picking up eSports as well and are implementing them in one way or the other to enter an industry that was previously male- dominated. The emergence of women gamers only makes it appropriate for us to mention some of the best eSports in town and what makes them popular. In this article, we mention 7
of the best e-sports.
Shortening the eSports, which have created a ripple amongst the fans, to a mere 7 was an uphill task, but once
compiled, the list looks complete and grand. 7 of the biggest eSports that have astounded and excited players for a long time are:
Counter-Strike 1.6
Known by a variety of names, the counter strike 1.6 will forever be remembered by gamers as the best there ever was. Developed by Valve Corporation, the counter strike series has been encrypted in the mind of the players for superior graphics and gameplay.
Users that have played the game would agree that the counter strike 1.6 was the start of many good things. The counter-strike series has developed and is now carried on by another eSport which we will discuss in detail later in the list.
The counter strike 1.6, which is also famously known as the Counter-Strike half-life, is a tactical first-person shooter game. The counter strike 1.6 was removed from all professional zones in 2012 by the Valve Corporation. The removal of the game meant the finish of something which had created unparalleled feelings of excitement within players.
The announcement that the counter strike 1.6 version was dropped sent a shockwave throughout the world. The game had garnered quite an impression for itself; thus, fans went into a frenzy when the news broke out.
The early 2000s was when the counter strike 1.6 was at its peak. The reputation that the game had for itself was built because of the brilliant graphics and exciting gameplay. One of Valve Corporation’s biggest successes, Counter-Strike 1.6, was way ahead of its time. Being a retired game, CS 1.6 cannot be played in professional zones, but the fact that it excited players for such a long time helps it in making its way to this list.
League of Legends
League of Legends which is also known as LoL, is created and managed by Riot Games. The game was originally known as Defence of the Ancient. The league of Legends boasts

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