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of some of the best graphics and storyline, which makes it stand out as the best.
The momentum gained by the league of legend was quick and rapid; within no time, it had cemented its place at the top of the table. The league of Legends currently gives access to almost 100 million active users every month, which makes it the most played and loved the game of this era.
The epitome of perfection within the gaming world, league of legends were made in 2009. The game weaved its magic in such a way that everyone soon started trying out this exemplary game. The maker’s Riot Games’ were taken aback by such a response from the public. The owners fund all the championships that take place concerning the game.
Riot Games have made an addition to eSports by providing salaries and perks to all of the competitive sportsmen that play this game. The reason behind the success of the tournament is that Riot Games value the presence of every customer and want to make sure that everyone who plays well is part of the setup. This is done by notifying the user about the information regarding the competition in the region the person logs into.
Besides being played, league of Legends is also one of the most-watched eSports on social media. The game is second only to Dota 2 in the number of hours that people have spent watching the games on websites like Twitch. There were an estimated 26 million viewership hours that the game generated within the previous year.
Starcraft 2
Developed by blizzard entertainment, Starcraft 2 is a science fiction and action game. The exciting game can only be played using the versus-one format. Similar to counterstrike, the starcraft series was launched in 1999. During the early days, starcraft created the perfect reaction from the people. Gamers would throng zones just to have a chance at playing this breakthrough game. Off late, starcraft has become a bit pressured and overshadowed by the presence of eSports like
league of legends and overwatch, to name a few.
South Korea, for ages, has been the hub of gaming. Any other foreigner that has even slightly challenged the local games within South Korea has received no such appreciation. Starcraft 2, when it penetrated into the South Korean market, created such a ripple that it overpowered every other Korean counterpart.
Starcraft has been called by many the best eSport to ever be launched because of its series of additions and user-friendly graphics. The game has completely dominated the South Korean market, and it is now considered the favorite pastime for Koreans. There are two specific T.V channels within Korea that specialize in broadcasting all the various professional matches of the Starcraft 2.
Even besides claims of failure, during the last year, Starcraft 2 hosted the biggest prize pool of its history for the global finals.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
While all of us might not have experienced the thrill of playing Counter-Strike, we are all aware of the name itself. Counter-Strike has transpired from just a name into a big brand that has equity of its own.
Created by Valve Corporation, the Counter- Strike Global Offensive is the replacement for the much-loved 1.6. Released in 1999, counter strike stands today as one of the first and one of the most loved eSports in the world.
Counter strike is cementing its place at the top of the table as one of the most active eSports. The game creates a name for itself through the various different events that it regularly organizes. More than 820 events were covered by the management of this game during the last year only. The amount of tournaments played by counterstrike leads to the belief that they still strongly believe in marketing through the competitions.
The Counter-Strike global offensive is the fourth game within the series of breath-taking

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