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 counterstrike games. The prize pool for winners has also drastically increased, meaning that the counter-strike franchise has made the competitions their top priority.
Call of Duty:
Call of duty is a first shooter game that makes the user feel in charge of things. The gameplay is the forte of the call of duty franchise, as it delivers some of the best first-person shooting methods. The collection of Arsenal is also ready and available to be used according to the needs of the user.
The call of duty series basically started from windows, but they went on to increase their range of other options. The call of duty franchise boasts of an admirable intelligence within the system. The series has seen many new additions and removal. All the new series have garnered a similar reaction to the previous ones.
Call of Duty organizes international tournaments across the globe. The tournaments are host to some of the most talented players and fiery audiences. The Call of Duty franchise, if not the biggest, is one of the biggest and most growing franchises and hopes to emulate all the others within the coming years.
Smite is basically a third-person mobile online battle arena (MOBA). The game is developed by Hi-Rez studios for many different platforms, like Microsoft, XBOX, etc. Smite has a brilliant story to back the top-notch graphics, which makes the story come across as a must-play. The main characters within smiting come from 7 different religions. The graphics of the game do wonders in creating the perfect rendition of the characters. The 51 Gods within the game, all from the Greek era, have been positioned by the developer in a brilliant way.
With endless innovation and exciting additions, Smite is a very well-thought-out game. The game has had quite some success as an eSport and has been the theme of many heavily prized tournaments.
Dota 2
Defense of the Ancients 2, more commonly known
as Dota 2, is a totally free multiplayer online battle arena game. The game is developed by Valve Corporation and is by a country mile the most popular eSport in the world today.
The game is started by having two teams of 5 members each. Once the teams are made, the competitors come face to face for an intriguing game that decides the winner. The winner of the game is handed over a cash prize which speaks for itself. While winnings vary according to the scope of the event, the biggest win that has been had through DOTA 2 is an estimated 15 million pounds.
The international prize pools are mostly funded by Valve Corporation. The in-game features make the game stand out as very intriguing and exciting. A few features that are deemed to make your experience as a DOTA 2 player memorable are:
• Custom Game support: Players have the liberty to build their own custom-based games within the whole game. The custom-based games can be according to preferences and are a brilliant addition.
• All the heroes at your fingertips: While making players unlock heroes along the course of the game sounds like a valid option for the developer, it can prove costly in the long run. DOTA 2 puts user feasibility above everything else and has made all the heroes and characters available upfront.
• Skill-based: Like many other eSports, DOTA 2 is very competitive. The game is based a lot on the skills of the player. A skillful player can achieve way more than one who is not.
• Huge variety of customization: Players can customize even the minor details of the hero according to their details. The details can include armors, hair color, skin color, etc.
The increase in eSports is clearly visible, and it will not be long before eSports become bigger and better. While no argument can be had about eSports as of yet, there is no denying the fact that the mentioned games are the best out there.

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