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  Developing harmonious and happy relationships comes with its own challenges for every family. With the growing use of technology and social media, families often find it hard to get a hold of each other and to focus on what matters.
While the road is bumpy and complex for all kinds of families, it is extremely treacherous for blended families trying to find the sweet spot with everyone.
The early years can be extremely difficult for any blended family. Not only is the couple getting used to living life together, but they
also have to manage their children properly. Is the stress of leading a blended family pushing you to the edge? Do you feel like you aren’t able to handle the pressure anymore? Well, then you will benefit from the 10 tips that we are about to mention for step parents and their blended families:
Foster Individual Relations
Children in broken families often lack individual care and the emotional comfort that comes through it. They have gone through heartbreak and abandonment and suffer extreme or mild forms of abandonment trauma. The best
way to get them through such a phase is to give them the individual care they require.
Let your stepchild take the lead, and you should follow them by taking an interest in what they do, what they have to narrate, and what they have to speak about.
Help and Support Children in the Transition
The transition in families can put the children under a lot of emotional stress and trauma. Knowing how children can easily fall prey to this mental pressure, you need to ensure that they are being given the

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