Page 62 - March 2023
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 Do you have friends or family members who are easily able to do what they say they want to do? When they talk about wanting to eat healthily, read more, start exercising or get organized, you know that they will make it happen because they have the required perseverance.
However, it is a whole different story when you try to follow the same goals. You are unable to stick with the changes you are making and fail to stick with them. So, how do people
make changes happen? By being accountable! When you are looking to change yourself, it is necessary that you be accountable and follow the tips we mention in this article:
Start Small
Small habits stick for long and are easy to follow up on. Many people want to create big changes in life within a short time. You can’t switch to a mega diet overnight, and you can’t start going to the gym for 2 hours every day all of a sudden. The key is to make small changes and follow them up.
Rather than not eating anything during the day, start adding vegetables to your meals. Make small changes and then work on them to achieve bigger results. The process will take time, but you won’t withdraw from it.
Get Hooked to the Habit
Can you tell just how it feels to let go of a specific habit when you have put so much time and effort on it? Try to create a chain that you don’t want to break. The longer your chain grows, the more motivated you will be to not break it off. For instance, put a red cross on the calendar for all days you are eating healthy. Eventually, you will get the hang of that habit and would be too invested in it to drop it now. The key is to not break the chain.
Be Clear
Clarity is what you need to implement a habit in your life for the long run. Vague intentions like taking two to three cheat days in a week won’t work for you. Research geared toward studying the formation of habits has found that you are more likely to follow a habit if you are clear about the intentions and where that behavior will take you.

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