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Symptoms of Atelophobia
There are also certain symptoms connected with the medical condition of atelophobia. Most people start feeling various feelings and symptoms when they go through the defined medical condition of the fear of imperfections.
The number one feeling experienced by someone suffering from the fear of imperfections is that they let their feelings get the better of them. They go into a state of emotional distress, which manifests in an increase in panic, anxiety, hyperalertness, fear, poor concentration, and vigilance.
Psychologists agree that you might experience the following symptoms during your period suffering from the disease:
• Hyperventilation
• Muscle Tension
• Headache
• Stomach Pain
• Reassurance Seeking
• Avoiding activities
• Indecisiveness
What Causes Atelophobia?
There are chances you could be born with the fear of imperfections wired inside your body. The experience of atelophobia can be natural and in your genes. Some people get phobia from their parents. Insecurity, sensitivity, and perfectionism are some traits that can be transferred down from parents, leading to the need to be perfect at almost everything you do.
However, many scientists and
psychologists working on the disease also believe that atelophobia is primarily formed due to all the traumatic experiences you go through in your life. All traumatic experiences you go through eventually come together to make you question every future choice and decision in life.
Signs of Atelophobia
We all go through days when nothing feels right and in order. These days, we start questioning our abilities and what we believe ourselves to be capable of. We doubt our abilities and question the constructs we set for ourselves.
However, what we experience during a day can eventually transform into a feeling for a lifetime. For most people, the feeling of not being enough and not being perfect in things they do can impact and hinder their daily style of living.
Atelophobia can manifest itself in many ways within an individual. We now find out the many signs of atelophobia and how you can diagnose them in time before comprehensive and irreversible damage is inflicted on your mind and body.
Many people shy away from diagnosis and studying the signs of their fear of imperfection because they aren’t prepared to handle what will come after. Fortunately, medical professionals, therapists, and researchers have come up with many interactive ways of handling phobias easily with the help of exposure therapy. Exposure therapy allows therapists to easily prepare their patients to face their fear. So, diagnosing the problem is
an important part of your recovery process.
Study the signs of atelophobia below and determine how many of these signs you go through regularly.
Terrified of Flaws
Many people are terrified of making mistakes. We all make mistakes in our daily lives, but some of us just shy away from the mistakes that we end up making in our daily lives. However, everyday fear of imperfections can turn into a phobia through the reaction you show towards the mistakes you commit in your life.
People who suffer from atelophobia go through a lot of regret and remorse immediately after committing a mistake. The mistake can be of any kind and is not limited to a specific stage or activity. You can make a mistake while speaking at a public conference, playing your favorite sport, or talking to your better half’s dad.
People who suffer from extreme forms of atelophobia allow their fear of mistakes and imperfections to dictate the way they approach events and different stages. We can define atelophobia as the difference between feeling butterflies in your stomach before a speech and just skipping that speech altogether. Someone who goes through or suffers from the fear of imperfections will skip activities they believe they aren’t good at and would like to only keep themselves limited to activities and friends they may not make mistakes in.
The entire feeling might sound irrational to a few, but that is what an average person going

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