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   Switch to LEDs
The mainstream media talks about how fancy LED lights can be, but there is one aspect that is not publicised yet. The fancy LEDs in the market today can signal cost savings at an enhanced level. On the flip side, the incandescent light bulbs that most people have in their homes amplify energy costs and drain your pockets. Moreover, the price of efficient LEDs has decreased over the last couple of years. These bulbs are now available for a fiver and are now the perfect option for high-efficiency, low-cost green lighting.
Another positive point in favour of LED lighting is that they don’t contain any form of mercury. Although many might argue that shifting from incandescent lights to CFLs will also bring cost savings, the fact that CFLs contain a certain percentage of mercury and LEDs doesn’t place LEDs above any other technology. With the price for LEDs decreasing, they have become an affordable, cost-saving option for the masses. The cost of LED has reduced by 85 per cent in the last decade, and we have progressed from 400,000 LED bulbs to over 20 million in the USA alone. This means that the LED revolution is a thing, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on it.
Cut Your AC/Heating Needs
Heating and air conditioning are major electricity concerns for most homeowners. The reason behind this dependence on AC/Heating is that we have just become too lazy to adjust to our environment, and instead of changing according to our environment, we want to burn out some extra electricity to get the temperature to a moderate level.
How often have you started feeling cold during summer because the AC in your room was set too high? All of us commit this cardinal sin regularly without realizing the impact it has on our electricity bills. The solution to this increase in electricity cost is to realize that you need to be more reasonable with how you control your AC/Heating.
Properly controlling these two components of your house could mean you are saving a lot on electricity and energy costs. We may not comprehend it, but our bodies are made according to the surrounding environment. Thus, all the commotion about AC and Heating may just be a hoax, considering how our body adjusts accordingly to the climate in the region. Besides just letting the body do its job, you should also let the house do its job.
Proper insulation in your house can create a moderate environment in your home regardless of how extreme the weather is outside. Even minor additions such as dark shaded blinds and proper coverage from the sun can lead to enhanced cost savings. Rather than emptying your pockets and paying a fortune for literally freezing yourself, you can easily get the desired results through manual, more natural alterations to your home and lifestyle.
Switch Off Appliances
This may be the most overused concept in the book of things you should do to save your electricity, but somehow homeowners neglect the need for doing so. From the oven in the electric kettle in the kitchen to the TVs, DVD players, computers and Play station consoles in the living room, literally every appliance left on can result in an increased cost.
The solution to this problem is extremely simple; just unplug the devices from the plugs when you are done using them, and you will be good to go. You can also get any one of the energy-saving plugs on the market by asking your electrician for a favour.
You can control your electricity bills by following the steps mentioned in this article. These steps make it easy to save electricity and get a reduced bill.

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