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in New York
  Pizza is to New York City what sunlight is to a plant, and the subway is to a conductor. It is important to us, and we love devouring it. This is pretty much why pizza parlors and outlets are scattered across the entire city.
Considering our love affair with Pizza, New Yorkers have developed quite a taste for this Italian delight. We don’t like ordinary Pizza. Just like Joey Tribbiani from the popular sitcom Friends preferred, we want our pizza to not only be good, but extraordinary. And in our efforts to find some of the best pizza restaurants in New York, we stumbled across the 5 that take the cake.
If you’re a local, we believe these pizza places will have you
covered for all seasons. If you are visiting NYC as a tourist, please don’t leave without trying the best Pizza on offer in the food capital of the United States. Stay with us as we look at the top pizza places in New York City.
Song’ E Napule, SoHo/Greenwich
The Song’ E Napule, SoHo/Greenwich, is the closest you can possibly get to traditional Neapolitan Pizza in NYC. The place has traditional Italian vibes and was recently awarded the Pizzeria of the Year award by Gambero Rosso International, which is a prestigious Italian drink, food, and travel company.
The Song’ E Napule gives you an authentic taste of the classic Margherita pizza. The taste-lords from traditional Italy would love what the chefs at Song’ E Napule are doing. They capture the true essence of the classical Calzone and present it in the form of folded- over dough. The folded-over dough is filled with spicy salami, ricotta, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil.
If you have space in your stomach left after Pizza, you can coat your taste buds with the gigantic Pallone di Maradona. The dessert is overflowing with Nutella and will give you the perfect ending to an authentic pizza experience. This pizza place is located at 146 W Houston Street, NYC.
Joe’s Pizza, Greenwich Village
Joe’s Pizza has famously operated from Greenwich Village for the last 45 years. The place was founded by Joe Pozzuoli and has been named after him. Joe, who was born in Naples, Italy, wanted to bring authentic

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